Market Bouquets

For pick-up only, give (or keep) the gift of flowers.

Available from March to October

Pick-up your Market Bouquet every Thursday at participating locations in Stephenville, Texas.


Featured Market Bouquets

If you’re looking for fresh flowers for your home, business, or to give as a gift, our market bouquets are a great option. Delivered weekly at participating locations in Stephenville, Texas, they are an easy way to add fragrant, seasonal, and sustainable beauty to your home or office.


Reserve a market bouquet, no later than Wednesday, during our growing season. We'll cut our in-season flowers for you that day.
Select and harvest
Pick-up your bouquet at the designated location during normal business hours.
Unique flowers
Enjoy or gift your seasonal, fragrant, and unique flowers. From our farm to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Market Bouquets are sold by season share. The Spring share includes March, April and May; the Summer share is June, July and August. Additional early spring and fall bouquets will be announced as available. Season subscribers have first dibs to these specials.

Our farm is just outside of Stephenville, Texas. We’re 1.5 hours Southwest of Fort Worth and 2.5 hours North of Austin.

Our Market Bouquets are fresh from our flower farm, typically harvested within 24 hours of delivery. We pick the season’s best flowers for each bouquet. For a preview of the types of flowers you can expect, check out what we’re currently growing or follow us on Instagram to see what is coming in from the fields.

We suggest that you “gift” your flowers to a friend. Let us know so that we can put their name on their bouquet; let them know when to pick it up. They’ll become your BEST friend!

We partner with different businesses in the Stephenville area. The location and store hours will be posted weekly on our website and social media for your convenience.

Every Market Bouquet will be stored in water until you come pick it up. They are wrapped in an eco-friendly paper sleeve with a  packet of floral preservative. Place your flowers in water as soon as you can. (Many customers like to bring a cup of water so that the bouquet can easily travel home in the cup holder.)

Place your flowers in fresh water with floral preservative (if desired) and in a clean vase. You can drop your bouquet directly in the vase as is or arrange your flowers however you choose. Keep out of the heat and direct sunlight. 

Besides getting the absolute best pricing on your flowers, you guarantee your bouquet reservation and receive special perks and extras like the first flowers from the field and new varieties in trial.

Our farm grows primarily open field, but we protect our flowers with low tunnels and other means as needed. If something tragic happens (for example, due to extreme weather conditions), then we will either bring in flowers from other growers or give you flower credits for a future bouquet. We will take care of you!