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Welcome to Sage Moose Flower Farm, a family-run farm outside of Stephenville, Texas.

Our farm specializes in growing fragrant, organic and heirloom blooms and foliage. The old-fashioned favorites our grandmothers’ grew. We find great joy in providing quality flowers for your special gatherings and fresh arrangements from our garden to your home and tables.

Whether you’re looking for bouquets to give (or keep) as a gift, bulk flower bunches, or need someone to help you with your wedding or special event, our flowers help you take the guesswork out of gift giving and decorating. When you use Sage Moose flowers, you’re getting the best nature has to offer.

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Stutler Family Stephenville, TX Flower Bouquets


Meet the Whole Family


My love of flowers began at a young age and was shared by both my grandmothers. Granny always had large terra cotta pots filled with cheery red geraniums greeting visitors from her front porch. Lynnie always had iris, zinnias or roses as the centerpiece of her table. 

My love of all things outdoors and nature made landscape designing a good fit while my kids were little and provided the perfect backdrop for flower farming.  Growing, arranging, and gifting beautiful blooms has become my passion. 

What better way to put a smile on someone’s face and make them feel special and loved?


Mark is a mountain man transplanted to Texas. A mechanical engineer in the irrigation business by day, he keeps everything on the farm watered efficiently.

He is the man behind the scenes, sitting on the tractor, rolling out the drip tape, keeping everything fine-tuned. He might also be dreaming about skiing or fishing but is content just getting to be outside.

Kids and Critters

The Stutler kids are a huge part of the reason why we started Sage Moose Flower Farm:

  • From helping with the business side of things to  keeping social media accounts updated, our oldest daughter does a great job stepping in wherever she is needed.
  • An engineer in the making, our son has a creative eye and is eager to build and mend all the things that need tending to on the farm. Like his dad, he loves being outside on the tractor or mower.
  • Our youngest daughter keeps us hopping and laughing. She is a bundle of joy and shares our love of everything outdoors. She’ll sit for hours on the tractor with Dad or pick flowers and arrange with Mom.

As for the critters, they keep things messy and exciting and they contribute absolutely nothing to the farm. Well, except for putting smiles on our faces.