Bulk Flower Bunches

Order seasonal flowers and foliage by the bucket. Perfect for DIY arranging for parties and events. 

Available from April to October

We work with professional florists, flower shops, event planners, brides, or anyone else looking for farm fresh flowers in bulk. We provide flowers for local clients here in Stephenville to clients in Dallas/Fort Worth, Abilene, Waco, Austin, and anywhere in-between. Bulk pricing starting at $50.


Featured Bulk Flowers


Contact us with your bulk flower needs, date, color scheme, style and any special notes such as budget, favorite flowers or flowers to avoid.
Select and harvest
We'll confirm with you pricing, your order and what to expect.
Unique flowers
Use your creativity to create stunning, seasonal and sustainably grown arrangements from Sage Moose Flower Farm's bulk flowers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Bulk Flowers are sold seasonally. Because our flowers are a reflection of the season and fresh from the farm, availability varies.

Our farm is just outside of Stephenville, Texas. We’re 1.5 hours Southwest of Fort Worth and 2.5 hours North of Austin.

Our flowers are always are fresh from our flower farm. For a preview of the types of flowers available, check out what we’re currently growing. Please contact us for bulk flower availability.

Bulk flower and foliage orders can be picked up directly at our farm or at an agreed upon location. Specific arrangements will be made when the order is placed along with instructions of how to transport and care for your flowers.

Contact us via email or social media to receive a customized quote. Prices are based on specific florals and foliage requested. Prices range from $30-$60 per bucket.

Yes. Sage Moose flowers are available wholesale to florists and wholesale markets. 

Bulk flowers are freshly harvested and delivered in a plastic bucket, ready for DIY arranging. Buckets can be ordered by specific flower, color range, greenery only, or a mix depending on availability.

The sooner the better. Contact us as soon as you know you want bulk floral for your event so we can get you on our calendar. Larger orders can be made up to a month in advance, but one to two weeks is sufficient for most orders if you’ve already reserved your place.

Yes! Helping you find the perfect selection of colors, flowers and foliage is one of our trademarks! We love helping you with this! We can customize based on the type of event, style and size of vases you are using, etc. Contact us to walk through this.

Our flower buckets hold a little over 2.5 gallons and are 10 inches in diameter. One bulk bucket is enough to create one large statement piece, 2 medium-sized arrangements (think roughly basketball-sized), or 4 table centerpieces (think quart-sized Mason jar).