Caring for Your Flowers

Enjoy your flowers for an extended time with a little bit of extra care.

Fresh flowers means longer-lasting flowers.

There are so many reasons to use fresh, local flowers in your home and for your events. Just as a perfectly ripe tomato grown in your backyard tastes juicy and sweet and nothing like the hard, mealy tomato you find from the store, fresh flowers hold a beauty and fragrance that you won’t find in flowers that have sat on a plane and in coolers for days, even weeks.

  1. Keep your flowers in a cool place, out of direct sunlight
  2. Keep flowers away from fruits and vegetables 
  3. Place flowers in a clean vase (clean enough to drink from!)
  4. Keep fresh water in the vase and top it off as needed (fresh flowers drink a lot of water)
  5. Add floral preservative, which contains a sugar (feeds the blooms), an acid (maintains the pH level) and a bleach (reduces the bacteria and fungi growth).
  6. Add a few extra drops of bleach to flowers that dirty the water quickly, such as zinnias, Black-eyed Susans and mums. 
  7. After a few days, recut the stems at an angle using sharp, clean snips.

Tips for extending your vase-life


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